About me

Hi everybody!

Mi name is Juanjo and I come from a small town called Pinoso, in the province of Alicante, in Spain. When I finsihed my secondary studies I continued studying at University of Almería, where three years later I finished my studies as a Physical Education teacher. Back to home, I started to work in part time Jobs at the same time I studied and when I was free I tried to travel ora round Spain or abroad. The autumn of 2014 I went to live to England, concretely to a small town called Totnes in the Devon county, in the southwest of the island, with the aim of improving my English. After one year and two months in the UK, I decided to change my destination. Since the middle of April 2016 I´m in Nicosia, capital of Cyprus. A year forward full of ilusions, spots to visit, experiences to live and beaches where to get fresh! How hot is it here!!