Hello to everyone!!

Looking at the big amount of snow has fallen down during the latest three weeks, it would have been a pity not to try to enjoy it and even going to ski. So thinking and thinking about the chance to ski in Cyprus, something unthinkable few months ago, I proposed the idea to my friend Ilenia. She, who didn´t have any idea to ski told me very quickly yes!! Let´s go to ski!! So we started to move in order to find someone with car and willing to drive and ski with us. In less than one day, problem solved. Ilenia, as restless as active found a guy with car…but without chains. And that guy turned out to be my good friend Marc. Everything looked going well but the chains.

The previous week, I went up to the mountain with Yarimar, Ezequiel, Elli and Savvia, and the road was so bad we couldn´t reach the top of the mountain because of the snow and ice. With this outlook, it was almost impossible to go with Marc´s car. By chance, a friend I told him my intention to go to ski added me in a Facebook ski journey´s group. Problem solved. On Saturday 14 around seventeen people gathered to head towards Troodos mountain. Once there, we rented the ski equipment and went to the slopes. All day going up and down at the ski station, very nice time with very nice people and around 4 pm we went back to Nicosia.

The next week passed as usual, with the exception of Friday, that I spent it with my friend Nikos having lunch together and sharing a very good time, as always. In the evening, YEU board members invited us (all the volunteers) to a dinner in a traditional Cypriot tavern. We ate “mezes” (traditional Cypriot dishes) we danced traditional music and some plates were broken on the floor also. Unique experience and great time shared with YEU family.

On Saturday, again, I went to Troodos mountain. This time, there was an excursion arranged by Gosia, from Caritas, to take all the people related to the organization there by bus. This time I took it easy and mainly I joined the group to take a hand so they could enjoy the experience with the snow.

Along the last week, I´ve been working between the office and home, given that Caritas has kept closed after Christmas time because of different reasons. Some of the things I´ve been doing so far have been planning next events and workshops. Also, last Thursday my students did their first exam with me, and according to what I´ve seen, it hasn´t been as disaster as I expected (he he, I´m kidding). In the personal field, on Wednesday it was Ezequiel´s birthday and very kindly he invited me together with some other friends for dinner. It was a joyful night that we shared with very nice food and better company.

And to finish the week, on Friday night I went out with Chrysi and Pavlos. On Saturday I went with Yarimar and Ezequiel to visit the ancient city of Salamina, from the Roman and Greek period, and in the night another birthday at Salah´s house, my crazy friend.

On Sunday my colleagues Gioia and Benjamin organized a trip to three villages, Kato Dyrs, Lefkara and Tochni, with the theme “Passionate photographers”. Around 80 participants joined the event. All Sunday walking around the villages and taking very nice pictures. At the end of the day, everyone happy and with a good feeling about the excursion.

See you in the next weeks!



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