Hello to everyone,

Before to start to write, I’d like to apologize for my long delay in writing this last post. Initially, I had the intention to write and explain my last weeks in Cyprus in detail, as I used to do most of the times that I’ve written, but given that it’s been long time and since my return to Spain, my life has been like a roller coaster (many changes in a short time), I thought somewhat summarize what was the month of March and April to then thank and goodbye to all those that to a greater or lesser extent have shared with me the experience in Cyprus.



In the months of March and April, that is, the final phase of the program and my stay on the island, my colleagues and I concluded  the different events and activities that we were being held over the last months, I attended several conferences and workshops about peace education and also had time to help my friend Nikola to collect wood to build a real size donkey. Yes yes, a donkey. The sculpture of the animal was part of a bicommunal project which helped young people from both sides of the island.

Seeing that my adventure came to end, I also had time to participate in a trip through different abandoned villages in the Southern part of the island, some of these villas inhabited by Turkish Cypriot and abandoned after the conflict, others because of migratory or geological reasons  ; living firsthand the tradition of the Orthodox Easter at Elli´s village, Katydata; discovering magical places with Chrysi and Pavlos as “Avakas gorge”; or exploring once again all over the North of the island, visiting two of the three medieval castles which crown the peaks of the Pentadaktylos mountains or Kyrenia mountains, reaching the most northern part, Karpasia peninusla, all this with my great friends Nikola, Veronika, Gioia and his brother Daniel.


Once the summary of the last few weeks, I’m going with the farewells and thanks.

So many people that I’ve met and connected during this stage of my life, that I could spend hours writing the names of all of them, and I am sure they know with absolute certainty are part of that list, I’m going to afford the luxury of not doing so. As well, to all of them I want to say with these words the infinitely grateful for sharing our time together, laughters, sorrows, follies, meals, moments… and that, with all my heart, hope to meet soon with all them.


Also to dedicate words of thanks and gratitude to all the past and present members of YEU Cyprus, which made it possible that this experience worth, rather than largely fulfilling the expectations of the project.


And to finish, just to say thanks, thanks and thanks to all those who I named above and whom I´ve shared carriage in this train that is life.

With love,


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