Hello to everyone again!

Before I start, I would like to excuse me by these small holiday that I have taken. In the final part of my experience in Cyprus, have devoted my time in planning (I’m still on it) my nearest future. After so many months of incredible moments (some not so much) and have discovered and known such as fantastic places and wonderful people, it’s time to look ahead and follow my path, but still enjoy the moment.

During the month of February I had the possibility to continue enjoying lots of experiences, with a small break because of a sore throat that it solved soon. Also has been a small time of downturn since one not always is is bright and with the best humor, and when you find in those moments of vulnerability and you feel so far that the heat of your people just so appreciated, it makes you feel  more difficult to stand up. But as the saying goes “no pain that last for a hundred years”, everything pass away and we go back at it again, enjoying the moment and sharing my time with all of these people that I have had the pleasure of meeting and who have had happy to share their time, concerns and follies with me.

But back to what has been the month of February, and leaving aside small bumps, I will make a short summary, to not dwell too much. The first week of February, after it returned from Bucharest, came the time of resting at home due to the disease. Afterwards, dinner at my friend Yarimar and Ezekiel’s and another dinner to inaugurate Pavlos and Chrysi friends flat; the surprise at the day of birthday of my great friend, Elli, and recognition for their hard work with her band during the last four years two days later at the Youth Awards Ceremony, in which also participated my friend Andria as a member of the choir Amalgamation, whose director shared prize with Elli.

As part of our program activities, and apart from the Spanish lessons I teach, my colleague Benjamin and I organized an event called Eco-Teaching, to work on the importance and awareness of caring our environment, event aimed mainly for teachers which will be put into practice the ideas that we raised among his students. Also organised with the help of Mohammed, a professional clown and creator of hope for many children, the screening of a documentary about the incredible work of another clown in a hospital with children with cancer. Unfortunately, the projection did not attract a large number of people, not to say anybody. A pity because the documentary was really worth it.

Back to leisure activities, on Sunday, February 26, Yari, Ezekiel, and I went to see what was the great Carnival of Limassol. Without a doubt great was, probably the largest of the island was concentrated there that day. Lots of fun but also much chaos. I think I would never repeat again, at least as an espectator.
Monday 27 was bank holiday in Cyprus, so Chrysi, Pavlos and me went with another group of hikers to do a hiking route in the side occupied of the island, and had as final destination of the route the Buffavento Castle, one of the three castles that crown the peaks of the mountain of Pentadaktylos.
Finally, already in March last week and to close this post, Saturday 4 my friends Veronika, Katarzyna and I headed Pafos to participate in the marathon that was organized there. Sotiris, Salah, Katarzyna and I run in the 10km race, while Veronika participated in the half marathon. An incredible weekend. It was my first participation in a race of this kind and I felt very comfortable, despite not feeling all that I would have liked to be prepared.
At the moment, I´m enjoying every day here in this amazing corner of the Mediterranean, and I hope that you also be doing reading these lines.
See you at the next posts!


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