Frappe Coffee

One of the first things I´ve discovered in Cyprus is the frappe coffee. This cold drink is original from Greece. It is considered the national greek coffee and its consumption is very extended in the cypriot island too. It arosed by chance in 1957 in the Thessaloniki  International Trade Fair, when a Nestlé employee blended instant coffee with cold water in a blender, given that he didn´t find hot water in the whole enclosure.

The main features of frappe coffee is the thick volumen of foam on the top and that is served cold. It is made with instant coffee shaking a little amount of soluble coffee with water till getting foamy texture. Next it´s added cold water and ice cubes and it´s ready to enjoy. It also can be added milk and sugar. There are three types of frappe with sugar. These are: glykós (γλυκός)  «sweet», 2 little coffee spoons and 4 of sugar, métrios (μέτριος) «medium», 2 little coffee spoons and 2 of sugar and skétos (σκέτος) «solo», 2 little coffee spoons and without sugar.

Without a doubt it will be a great allied to fight against the hot weather this summer.

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