Hello everyone!

During the last two weeks, my work in the office has been focused mainly on the preparation of the next big event that we organized in YEU on Saturday, October 8th. This activity has occupied most of my time, but also I have been able to enjoy other activities both in my work schedule and my free time (which was not too much, but I have enjoyed equally)

Let´s start first with what I have done in my free time. Three weekends ago (time runs fast) I was visiting the city of Kyrenia with Nadia, a small but very beautiful and with a particular charm city.


In this port city , located in the  North part of the island, it´s possible to appreciate the  Turkish coast in cloudless days. In addition to its port, it also stands out for its historic castle, built by the Venetians around the 16th century.

Kyrenia´s port

Already in the working days, apart from the work made organizing the 3on3 basketball tournament, I focused as every week in preparing the Spanish lessons, and these same Thursday, I also participated in our weekly radio show , “Signs of the world”, with my partner Barbara. The topic was about soundtracks of some of the best movies, in our view, of the last decades.

Signs of the world

 Two weekends ago, I went with several friends to the village of Pera. There, Elli and its “Windcraft band” touched its usual repertoire of songs, such that oneselve never gets tired of listening.


Food, drink and artisanal products and good music to enjoy a pleasant evening.

On Sunday, Savvia, Elli, Nadia and I had planned a trip to the city of Famagusta, also located in the North. Visit to one of the most beautiful cities of Cyprus for its historical monuments, and also to the part where you can find the ghost town. Ghost town because, shortly after the Turkish occupation of the northern part of the island, the inhabitants of Famagusta left the city without taking their belongings, thinking that when the conflict ended they could return to their homes. Unfortunately that was not the case and that whole area abandoned (which today is blocked by the Turkish Army) was deteriorating until today, and all you can see are houses and buildings half destroyed. Part of the recent history of Cyprus.

Famagusta, casco antiguo

Following with our particular tour, we first visited the historical part of the city. Later we bordered the ghost town and finally went to the beach to do a bit of hunger. After a while, we went to a restaurant near the beach and around six, back to Nicosia. To end the day I said goodbye to my friends and I went to the birthday of Chrysi, another friend who had organized a picnic in a city park with friends. A good time, good company and a good piece of cake to close the weekend.

During the following week, I mean, last week, more office work to leave ready the basketball tournament, preparing the classes, … and as usually, helping at Caritas.

Saturday arrived, and also with it the  3on3 basketball tournament. Ten teams, around 50 people involved between players and organizers, good atmosphere and also a lot of heat to be October. Fortunately, everything went according to plan (except the schedules, something normal, we are in Cyprus), people enjoyed and we were very proud of everyone enjoyed it.

Con mis amigos

And to finish well the weekend, on Sunday I attended to the presentation event of the new group of EVS that arrived a month ago to our organization, composed by Veronica, from Czech Republic, Luana, from Italy and Nicola, from Serbia. After the event,  there was even time to attend the Oktoberfest, organised by the Goethe Institute,and enjoy good beers.

See you next week!

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