Hello everyone!

These past few weeks it has been quite difficult for me to find time to write. Especially this month in which most of the activities that we have made have been under my responsibility. In order, the basketball tournament which I organised together with my colleagues on 8th October , films that have projected every Monday along this month and which have had as theme Spanish movies , several radio programs in which I have worked with my colleague Barbara, Spanish lessons with my dedicated students and the “Spanish Cultural Night on Friday October 21 at the office of YEU Cyprus.” An intense but rewarding month for the work accomplished and proud of the dedication put into the preparation of the activities, but always there is place for improvement.

Spanish Cultural Night 2

After a week of intense job, doing overtime to get ready for Friday 21th October, finally the staging day arrived. The “Spanish Cultural Night” began in the hall of our office at half past eight. After presenting the event in the presence of around twenty or thirty people,  I projected a power point, with music by “Tomatito” background,  explaining briefly the History of Spain through the centuries and linking it to the traditions and festivals that we celebrate in the different areas of the country nowadays. As it was going on the projection, more people arrived, and around nine o’clock in the evening, when we start to take out trays with “tapas” that had been preparing for six hours during the day, in the room could be between forty and fifty people. Good atmosphere and people happy with the tapas that Gioia first and the girls of the organization later helped me to leave ready and the “sangría” that Barbara and I made. Also some Spanish music, to reproduce music in Spanish later, that not is it same. The event was scheduled to end at ten o’clock, but due to the relaxed atmosphere of the activity and that was Friday night, we ended up at the office near midnight.

Dorians Challenge 2

Regarding to my leisure time during these weeks, highlithing on Saturday 15th October I participated together with my friends Nikola and Pavlos at the “Dorian challenge”, a circuit of five kilometers and twenty obstacles in the natural area of Kornos, in Larnaca. An activity that I enjoyed very much in the middle of nature climbing, crossing mud areas, crawling through tunnels, and overcoming any obstacles. As my colleague Nikola said to a staff member in a tone of banter when we came out of the tunnel which we crossed crawling: “And we paid for this?”. Good morning and good afternoon later at the beach to relax Nikola, Nadia and I.

See you soon!

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